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Top 5 Unsolved Mysteries you should be known

Want to learn about unsolved murders that have never been solved? Wish to acquire knowledge about famous last words that no one has yet been able to understand? Well, here’s a list of the top 5 unsolved mysteries that you should know about:

1. The Zodiac Killer

Unsolved Mysteries
There was a man called ‘the Zodiac Killer’ who continually taunted the residents of California’s Bay Area for a straight two years in the late 1960s. What the person basically did was that he wrote a series of letters to the media and police in which he claimed that he had committed nearly 37 murders. All of his letters were packed with intricately coded messages, which are believed to supposedly meant to reveal his motivation behind the murders. Even now, three of his letters have not been able to be deciphered by the authorities – they are that complex. The last letter that he wrote was written to the San Francisco Chronicle and after that, he simply disappeared. Although there were countless suspects, none of them were proved.

2. The last words of Albert Einstein

Unsolved Mysteries
Last words typically tend to be rather powerful. Believe it or not, but the inspiration and clarity that these at times provide have triggered some of the pithiest insights that have ever been recorded. However, the last words of Albert Einstein couldn’t make it to us. This is because he spoke his last words in German, that too to a nurse who only knew English!

3. Extraterrestrial Wow Signal

Unsolved Mysteries
A number of efforts have been made with the passage of time to make it possible for human beings to communicate with extraterrestrials using radio signals. These are typically sent through the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence or SETI project, but none have them have gained any results whatsoever. However, back in the year 1977, a volunteer who was serving the project ended up recording a 72 second radio signal which originated from outside our solar system. Additionally, it matched the frequencies that are expected to arise from a non-terrestrial source. However, the mystery behind this signal hasn’t yet been resolved.


4. The Taman Shud Case

Unsolved Mysteries
Back in the year 1948, on December 1st, a man was found dead on a beach in Australia. His death was suspicious, and the case has not yet been resolved. The worst part is that the man has yet not been identified – no one knows who he is. The case has not yet come to rest – we still don’t know who the man was or how he died.

5. The mystery of Benjamin Kyle

Unsolved Mysteries
A man was found by the police in Richmond Hill, Georgia on August 31, 2004, badly beaten and blind. Nobody has ever been able to learn who the man was for he suffers from a condition called dissociative amnesia – he has no memory of who he is. Even with DNA-testing, finger printing, and hypnosis, no results have been acquired.


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