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Top 5 types of eye colors human have

The most sensitive and attractive features of a human are his or her eyes. The color of a human’s eyes truly sets him apart from the rest. Here ‘s a list of the top 5 types of eye colors humans have:

1types of eye colors. Black


The eye color that humans have most commonly, and the one which is most famous is that of Black. The thing with people who have black eyes is that they are extremely secretive, intuitive and sensual.

types of eye colors2. Brown

The second top eye color that humans are known to have is that of Brown. On the whole, people who have brown eyes are believed to be independent, with an extreme affection for nature and Earth.

types of eye colors3. Blue

Blue is number three on our list of top 5 eye colors that humans have, and for good reason. This eye color is extremely attractive and people actually put on contact lenses for it if their eye color isn’t blue! People with this eye color are said to be full of vitality and lots of energy. They have a gift for insight and are extremely observant too.

types of eye colors4. Green

Another famous eye color that people simply love to have is that of Green. It is believed that people who have this eye color are extremely creative, compassionate, and their energy knows no bounds.

types of eye colors5. Gray

Gray is yet another top eye color that is extremely famous amongst people. Those who have this eye color are believed to be sensitive and extremely subtle.

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