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Top 5 types of tattoos styles

 Prior to heading out to the tattoo shop to get your new tattoo designed, it is necessary for you to acquire a bit of information about the different types of popular tattoo art styles. This is basically going to help you make sure that you choose a tattoo design that best matches your taste and personal preferences. Although there is a good chance that you don’t already know which tattoo style you are most interested in, exploring the different art techniques being used these days for the creation of different tattoo style is definitely going to help you come to a good decision. Be it Asian tattoos or dragon styles, or even tattoos that are rich in terms of their culture and heritage, every single style out there has a particular history and look associated with it that makes it stand out amongst the rest. Here’s a bit of information about the top 5 types of tattoo styles available these days:

1. Biomechanical

tattoos styles
These tattoos are the best pick for all those hard core industrial or sci-fi enthusiasts out there. On the whole, it is normal for people to have these paired with robotic parts, or ripped apart flesh. Also, these are best created on the muscled parts of the body. This is basically inclusive of the neck, legs and arms, with intensive machinery created in the form of a tattoo design. If truth be told, you can easily draw the design by yourself, but if you are after a truly appealing look, then it is best for you to take on the services of a professional artist.

2. Fine line black and grey

tattoos styles
This particular tattoo style was initiated back in the year 1970 in the East LA Chicano communities. In order to create this tattoo style, a single needed is used to draw fine lines. In these lines, a very subtle and smooth shading of the different shades of black and grey is given. Although these were initially popular amongst prison mates alone, these have come around to gaining intense fame amongst the masses over time.


3. Asian

tattoos styles
This tattoo style is equally loved by people all over the world – and for good reason. The reason behind their popularity is that these are extremely colourful, elegant and graceful, and basically include a number of elements like language symbols and even intensive depictions of the koi fish. You could also consider having dragon, tiger and cherry blossom tattoos made in the Asian art style.

4. Tribal

tattoos styles

These tattoos are typically meant to depict the rich culture, heritage and meaning associated with the Native American history. Although these were extremely famous back in the 1990s, these somehow seem to have lost their importance over time. If truth be told, these are now considered as being rites of passage, and are inclusive of blessings, monks and other extremely painful hand-poked means of tattooing.

5. Traditional old school

tattoos styles
The designs that are typically created in this particular tattoo style are inclusive of pin-up girls, eagle tattoos, anchors and ships etc. These are extremely popular amongst the masses and feature glory tattoos and even memorial pieces.


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