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Top 5 types of ear piercings

Body piercings have forever been a popular tradition amongst nations and cultures all across the world. With the passage of time, it has actually become a form of art. It is actually an act wherein holes are punctured or carved out into the different parts of the body, wherein these are used to wear jewelry. Amongst all the different piercings that can be performed, one that has forever been popular is that of ear piercing. Let’s take a look at the top five types of ear piercings that people like having done these days:

1. Rook piercing

ear piercings

If truth be told, rook piercing is considered as being one of the most painful and hard to perform ear piercings. But well, once done, the look that it gives is definitely outstanding. Why is that so? Well, for the simple reason that depending on the shape of your ear, the rook might not protrude enough for the piercing to be performed. Moreover, the piercing is typically performed in different ear cartilages. Although very painful, it’s totally going to make you stand out amongst the rest!

2. Daith piercing

ear piercings

Another painful piercing, this one is basically performed in the inner ear cartilage that can be found right above the opening of the ear canal. In all actuality, the person performing the piercing perforates the inner ear cartilage to make way for thin wired jewellery to pass. Now, the needle that is commonly used to perform this particular piercing is said to be curved, or it tends to have tiny receiver tubes placed at opposite ends. This allows for it to prevent damage to other parts of the ear. However, it is one of the trendiest ear piercings available these days.

3. Anti Helix

ear piercings


Also known as the ‘snug piercing’, this particular piercing is performed on the cartilage that is found within the ear rim. It is more so of a vertical fold. When compared with other forms of piercings, this one tends to have a rather shallow appearance. These are commonly adorned using circular rings or curved ball bearing jewelry. In order to give the piercing a more appealing look, people typically tend to place it adjacent to the helix and wear the same jewels in both piercings.

4. Lobe piercing


ear piercings

This particular form of ear piercing is not just the simplest, but the most popular of them all as well. The piercing is basically performed at the bottom of the ear lobe. If truth be told, it is also one of the least painful piercings around for it does not involve any cartilage, and the lobe doesn’t have too many nerves as well. There are certain variations of this piercing as well, out of which stretched piercing and multiple piercings are the most famous.

5. Helix piercing

ear piercings

The helix piercing is also one of the most famous ear piercings available these days. It basically involves making punctures in the upper ear towards the rim. If you get yourself a helix piercing, there would be ample space for multiple ones. These piercings are typically adorned using studs, metal rings, two ball earrings, gem closed earrings and even beads etc.


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