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Top 5 types of dogs

Quite like humans, not all canines are the same. This is something that all dog owners with varying experiences with their precious fur balls would agree upon. But no matter what sets their dogs apart from the rest, they commonly consider their pets to be the most amazing beasts that God may have ever created. Now, with so many types or breeds of dogs that are found these days, working out which ones are best can get really hard. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top 5 types of dogs that you must consider keeping at your place as a pet. However, it also consists of a few dog breeds that are more so known for the services that they provide. Here you go:

1. The German shepherd

types of dogs
German Shepherds are generally considered as being the finest or let’s say ideal police and military dogs. The best part about this particular dog breed is that these are highly adaptable dogs, and have a natural protection tendency. If you own a German Shepherd, you are sure to find an amazing friend in this beast; one who will forever be there to protect you at all times. Another thing that you should know about this breed is that these dogs are extremely active, protective and have the tendency to develop a very close bond with their human family members.

2. Border Collie

types of dogs
When it comes to working, intelligence, and obedience, there isn’t a single dog breed out there that can overpower border collies. There are countless research studies that actually attest to this fact. This particular dog breed is literally one that can be considered as being legendary. These dogs are extremely bright and believe it or not, but they hold rather sturdy work ethics. They even have the sort of stare that makes it the best sheep herding dog as well.

3. Poodles

types of dogs

If you are on the lookout for a dog breed that is amazingly prissy, then the best option that you have are poodles. Believe it or not, but these beautiful dogs were originally hunting dogs that took on the duty of retrieving food from water. The one thing that you need to know about poodles is that they don’t shed, which deems it necessary for you to have to get their fur trimmed out every now and then. The worst part is that grooming a poodle doesn’t come cheap. Also, in order to make sure that their coat remains in tip top condition, it would be necessary for you to give them a bath each week too. On the whole, these are extremely social dog who thrive on the attention that they receive from their owners. They are also known for their obedience and agility.

4. Golden retrievers

types of dogs
Golden retrievers are easily trainable and highly social dogs. This particular dog breed has long been trained to become hunting dogs, and they have the potential to retrieve fowl from both land and water. On the whole, these are dogs with one of the most appealing looks, and well, personalities around for their social nature.

5. Australian Shepherd

types of dogs
These dogs have a merle coat, along with beautiful multi-colored eyes. They naturally have a bobbed tail and are particularly famous for their herding skills.


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