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Top 5 Cutest Cat Breeds

They hate taking baths, they love licking their fur, playing with balls, having fish, being lazy and sleeping – these are our beloved cats! Belonging to the felidae family of the animal kingdom, these are quiet and gentle animals that are extremely friendly with their owners and breeders. If truth be told, the one thing that cats are known for is the companionship that they share with humans. It is for this reason that they have come to be known as the most adorable creatures on Earth. Now, in terms of their looks, here’s what you shoul know about the top 5 cutest cat breeds in the world:

1. Persian

Cutest Cat Breeds
These are extremely lazy, yet adorably beautiful cats. Their entire body is covered with huge fur and soft hair, which shows that they require proper maintenance. These cats typically prefer spending lots of time in their basket and don’t like roaming around much. However, they love being played with.  Although they do tend to clean themselves up, the huge fur that they have deems it necessary for you to groom them. For this reason, Persians are considered as being highly pampered cats. Their nature is extremely gentle on the whole, and they love grabbing the spot light!

2. Turkish Angora

Cutest Cat Breeds
These cats are particularly known for their silky tails, balanced body types and the absence of an undercoat. These can be found in more than twenty colours, including blue, reddish and black. The thing with Turkish Angora cats is that they need to be groomed on a regular basis. They are not just very intelligent, but extremely active as well. This is why they tend to interact quite a bit with their owners. Turkish Angora cats that have blue eyes typically tend to be deaf. Moreover, they are very mischievous and need to be monitored!

3. Himalayan

Cutest Cat Breeds
Himalayan cats are extremely beautiful, cheeky and have large round eyes. These are extremely sensitive cats and believe it or not, but their expressions resemble those of a small child at times. They need to  be brushed and bathed on a regular basis, and are extremely calm cats. They can not jump or climb like normal cats for the simple reason that they have extremely short legs. On the whole, their nature is very sweet and they are extremely friendly.

4. Munchkins

Cutest Cat Breeds
Munchkins are a fairly new cat breed, and have a very unique personality. For one, they love playing and fighting with their companions. However, they love it when their owners pet them and pamper them. They have a very loving and sweet nature, where they are naughty, playful and very outgoing.  In terms of their appearance, they look quite like Persian cats.

5. Maine Coon

Cutest Cat Breeds
Maine Coons are known for their distinctive features for they have a very obvious M on their brow. These are extremely joyful cats who like playing all the time. Most of all, they are extremely loyal and unlike other cats, they actually like playing in water!


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