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Top 5 sleeve tattoos types

 People have forever been infatuated with tattoos, for which reason men and women all over the world wear them. If truth be told, there are countless designs, styles, and patterns etc., in which tattoos can be made and all of them, with their uniqueness and creativity have a story to tell. Now, there isn’t a particular part of the body on which tattoos should be made. These can be worn on just about any part of the body, however, this choice depends upon the personal preferences of the wearer. Amongst the countless different types of tattoos available these days, one of the most famous is the sleeve tattoo. Back in the days, it was just men who wore these, but these have gained immense popularity amongst women as well with the passage of time. These feature a large sized design of varying shapes and designs that has a more sleeve-like appearance. Here’s a bit of information about the top 5 types of sleeve tattoos that one can have made over them:

1. Japanese Dragon Sleeve

sleeve tattoos
This particular sleeve tattoo is a particular favourite amongst men. If you are the sort of person who holds an interest in fires and dragons, and wish to get a tattoo, then this option is highly recommended for you. The best part about these is that these feature an outstanding combination intricate lines as well as colors that give it a stunning appeal. The most visible color in such tattoos is red.

2. Red Indian Sleeve

sleeve tattoos

These typically tend to represent the head of a Red Indian along with that of a fox with intricate detailing. These are a particular favourite amongst people who have more of a care free or rebellious nature due to their outstanding style, lines and colours. When done correctly by a thorough professional, these have a truly immaculate appeal.

3. Peacock Sleeve Tattoo

sleeve tattoos
These are particularly meant for women, but some men also have them made. These have a truly exquisite appeal due to the utilization of multiple lines and colours. The reason why these tattoos truly stand out amongst the rest is because of the detailing on the face and body, particularly the peacock feathers. When done correctly by a professional, this tattoo can easily cover the entire arm with the body and wings of the peacock.

4. Tribal Sleeve

sleeve tattoos
Tribal tattoos are typically considered as amongst the finest types of tattoos. A tribal sleeve surely has the potential to give an eye-catching appeal. What really makes them a whole lot more alluring is the fact that these feature intensely intricate lines and detailing. These are worn rather commonly by all men and women alike for they depict immaculate symbolism and significance.

5. Flower sleeve tattoo

These are most commonly worn by women. These ooze outstanding feminine beauty, and elegance due to their flowery appearance. The flowers that are most commonly drawn are inclusive of roses, the lotus, lilies and cherry blossoms.


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