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Top 5 types of weed

 The thing with weed, or marijuana, or let’s say strains of marijuana is that all of them have the potential to product a different type of high. It is for this reason that pot smokers are at times found complaining that they find it hard to look for good marijuana. However, here’s a list of the top 5 types of weed, all of which are considered by pot smokers across the world as being the best strains of marijuana:

1. Purple Haze Marijuana

types of weed
Also known as Purple Marijuana, this particular type of weed has beautiful looking purple buds on it. If truth be told, these buds surely add to its beauty, and the best part is that they smell and taste great too. On the whole, this is a very powerful type of weed stain and tends to have sativa overtones. The best part about the plant is that it is extremely sturdy and you wouldn’t find any problems whatsoever in terms of growing it in the outdoors in even the harshest of climates. The ancestors of this type of weed are believed to be Skunk # 1, crossed with Holland’s Hope. It is also known for the powerful, and top quality sativa marijuana odour that it gives out.
2. Big Bud

types of weed
Believe it or not, but this type of weed was actually declared to be the Winner of the Cannabis Cup held back in the year 1989 for the amazing marijuana strains that it offers. The kind of yield that is given out by this type of weed is literally legendary, and it is known to produce substantially sized buds with huge leaves. The high that it gives is rather strong and its smoke is also known to be rather smooth. It is for reasons such as these that it is considered as being amongst the finest marijuana strains of the world.

3. Super Skunk Weed

types of weed
Also known as the Skunk #1 strain, this type of weed is known to match the potency of the hashish that is found in the coffee shops of Amsterdam. It has what can be considered as being a sweet skunky smell, has an adorable flavour and gives an incomparable high. Amongst the different types of white stains found today, this one is the easiest to grow. It is so good that it actually gets sold even before it has dried!

4. Northern Lights

types of weed
This particular type of weed features substantially sized leave with large crystal covered buds. On the whole, it has a very strong hash taste. However, the plant isn’t all that big and is the best choice for those who prefer growing indoors. On the whole, this classic plant is one that is grown and smoked most commonly in Holland for the amazing high that it gives.

5. White Widow

types of weed
Considered amongst the best types of weed all through the world, the buds of White Widow are so immensely packed with THC that the buds are actually white and it is impossible to see even a single strain of green on them.

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