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Top 5 Things Your Poop Can Teach You

Believe it or not, or more so, like it or not, but the bodily functions that we have aren’t mere mechanisms that are necessary for the healthy functioning of our bodies. They actually have what it takes to tell us much about all that is taking place inside us. Yes, you may get uncomfortable with the thought of having to look down the loo after getting ‘done’, doing so can actually tell you about the problems that your body is facing! Here’s a bit of information about the top 5 things your poop can teach you:

1. Red poop


Any sort of red discharge that is coming out of your body isn’t usually a good sign. However, red poop might not be as bad as one might think of it. Seriously, ask anyone who likes eating beetroots! But, if you actually have blood oozing out of your body with your poop, there is a good chance that you are suffering from GI bleeding, which in turn may have been caused by hemorrhoids, colon cancer or diverticulitis.

2. Greasy poop

Although floaters don’t typically mean that something is wrong with you, it is necessary for you to take into consideration any other elements or factors that might be accompanying it. Like what? Well, for instance, if your poop is extraordinarily smelly and has a greasy appearance to it, then there is a good chance that you are suffering from underlying issues. Both of these are basically symptoms that there is way too much fat present in your poop, which indicates that you might be suffering from GI problems. The worst part about these problems is that they can trigger severe issues with the colon and liver. They also indicate that your body is facing problems in terms of digesting fats.

3. Consistency issues

Normal poop is extremely soft – at least soft enough to pass without having to place stress on your body. However, it shouldn’t be loose so as to indicate diarrhea. If you have hard poop, it suggest that you are suffering from a severe lack of fiber. However, if your poop is watery or rather loose, then there is a good chance that your body is suffering from food allergies or bacterial infection.

4. Pay attention to shape

Stools that have a thin, more so snake-like appearance are indicative of a variety of issues. There are many different things that can cause it from the most mundane like a contracted sphincter to serious issues like colon blockage that is triggered by rectal cancer.

5. Constipation

Have you ever felt the need to desperately run to the bathroom, only to find yourself sitting there for hours, with no poop exiting your body. Well, in such a case, you are sure to be suffering from constipation. This isn’t a call for concern, but it is necessary for you to have lots of fruits to get over the lack of fiber in your body.


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