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Top 5 richest Hollywood actresses in the world

There are countless outrageously rich Hollywood actresses in the world, but these babes sure take being ‘rich’ to a whole new level. Here’s a list of the top 5 richest Hollywood actresses in the world:

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

richest Hollywood actresses
Sarah Jessica Parker is a sure hit amongst all those who have watched the television series ‘Sex and the City’. Not only is she an actress, she is a singer, and producer too – no wonder she’s got such a lot of cash on her. How much money, you ask? A full $75 million! Yes, THAT’s her net worth!

2. Reese Witherspoon

richest Hollywood actresses
This American beauty isn’t just an actress, but a producer too. Some of the best commercial hits that she’s given to us are inclusive of Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde, and Twilight. As per what Forbes magazine has to say, she owns a full $80 million!

3. Jennifer Aniston

richest Hollywood actresses
Not only is Jennifer Aniston extremely popular, she is also considered as being one of the World’s Most Beautiful People. She has long hogged the limelight by getting married with Brad Pitt, but well, the marriage came to an end in 2005. She is also a director and producer, and owns a net worth of nearly $110 million!

4. Angelina Jolie

richest Hollywood actresses
Angelina Jolie is surely one of the most stunning actresses around. She is also a director and a writer, and has additionally worked with the UN. At the moment, she is said to own nearly $120 million to her name.

5. Julia Roberts

richest Hollywood actresses
How could this list be complete without mentioning Julia Roberts and her $140 million net worth! Yes, you got that right – she owns a full $140 million to her name! This stunning beauty is the richest Hollywood actress that we know of at the moment.


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