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Top 5 Hidden Images Found In Cartoons

Be it kids or adults, we all just love cartoons don’t we? Well, it is fairly natural for cartoonist to at times have the urge to slip in a little something extra. They believe that it is something that only they have knowledge of, but trust me, thanks to the pause button, a single keen, ogling look makes things a whole lot obvious. These in-jokes really aren’t a secret anymore. If truth be told, a majority of these in-jokes tend to be a bit on the naughtier end, whereas some of them have actually triggered legal battles. Here’s a look into the most famous top 5 hidden images found in cartoons:

Hidden Images Found In Cartoons

1. Phallic palace in The Little Mermaid

There are quite a few rumors associated with this particular hidden image that is found in The Little Mermaid. The rumor is that the artist was about to get fired, and drew the phallic object in the castle to portray his annoyance over his redundancy. However, these rumors were denied by the artist and he claimed to have drawn so in a hurry. He claims that he didn’t realize the shape at all. When did he get to learn about it? Well, he found out when he was contacted by a rather disgruntled member of the youth church group. Once located, the phallic object was removed from the video.

2. The hardened minister

Another popular accusation that was held against the Disney producers was that of the odd shape that somehow protruded from the pelvic region of the minister in the scene where Ursula tries to marry Eric as Vanessa. But upon closer look, you are sure to notice that it was just the bandy legs that were drawn for the minister, and when mixed in with the tunic that he wore, it was just the knees that appeared to be the so called erection.

3. Jessica Rabbit without underwear

Many wishes literally came true when cheeky animators and cartoonists sneaked in a couple frames of Jessica Rabbit’s lady garden – she was drawn without underwear! The scene under question is one where Jessica is thrown from a car. When she lands, her dress literally hitches up a bit to expose much of her lady parts – unclothed.

4. Nudity in The Rescuers

In the 1977 movie by Disney, there were quite a few objectionable shots that can be mentioned here. However, the one that truly stands out is that of the mousy heroes flying through the city in a tin, where you can get to see a topless woman in the windows that they pass through. Trust me, this particular peep is rather obvious if you look closely!

5. The sex cloud and Simba

This truly is one of the most famous hidden images found in cartoons. The word sex appears in a misty cloud right before Simba meets Rafiki, when he flops down at the edge of a cliff. In the frame, the word sex is rather obvious in the clouds.

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